You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill can not be hidden,

Matthew 5: 14


Jesus talked about light a fair amount. It was something that He understood very well. He had participated in that point in time when it came into existence; so, it bore Christ’s creative touch. He also understood its exact opposite in darkness. It too was the handiwork of the Creator. We need to remember that both light and dark were equally the result of God’s plan and design, and they were both good. However, sin has a very corrupting influence, and the darkness with its ability to conceal had become the realm of much evil. So Jesus used these real elements of our physical world as metaphors for the way that we live in it.


It seems that Jesus is telling us about the way that He impacts our world through us. People who know Christ and who follow Him as Savior and Lord are tasked with bringing the light of truth which is found in the gospel of Jesus Christ into every corner of our world at all times. This is our full time occupation. It provides for no vacation time, zero days of sick leave, and there is no retirement to look forward to. When Christ calls us to follow Him He means that we follow completely. This journey is one that continues all the way to the end of our days, and it takes us to the point of complete personal sacrifice; that is, it takes us to the cross of Christ. It is in full submission to the Lord that we shine the brightest, for the light that we give off is Him. It is the radiance of God that comes out of and is apparent in every word and action of our lives. Its source is the Spirit of Christ within us.


When Jesus spoke about the light that came from a city on a hill I think that He might have been envisioning a traveler who was nearing the end of a long day on the road. Night with its dangers and concerns had fallen. As the traveler navigates the dark trail through a valley he sees the lights of a city that greet him from the high ground ahead. Safety, comfort, companionship, and rest are spoken to his heart by those lights on the hill. That is what Christ wants His people to be in our world. We are to be the place where weary travelers can go to find the truth of Christ that brings about freedom, healing, and true community. Christ wants us to recognize our calling to be light. He also tells us to trust Him in all things, for there is truly nothing for His people to fear. Jesus wants us to be that city by joining together in a community of faith that is His body so that the impact of His light is made all the greater as we stand on God’s high ground.