So God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him, male and female He created them.

Genesis 1: 27


When people who know what they are talking about discuss the remarkable thing that we call the Body of Christ, they don’t start in Genesis. But to me, at least to my sometimes rather twisted and convoluted way of seeing things, this is a highly appropriate place to start a discussion about the bringing together of people in a manner that is ordained, orchestrated, and operated by God and that functions by the agency of the Holy Spirit. When I look back at this point in history that we humans can count as our beginning, there are three things that strike me as being very special. First, our creation is the very intentional and special work of God; second, the sameness and the variety of who and what we are was a part of that creative design; and third, we were all made in something that is referred to as the image of God.


It is also clear from this very earliest account of our existence that people are not intended to be alone. We are relational creatures. God’s creation design and plan provided that we would have the companionship of other people, and He also established us in deep and intimate relational communion with Him. As we go about the processes of living, individual people are seldom, if ever, fully equipped for all that will come our way. We need others in order to handle it all successfully. Yet, even more important than the functional and the physical aspects of life, we need the wisdom, insight, and strength of others when it comes to facing the emotional and the spiritual challenges that this world throws at us. We were made to be like this by our Creator.


As we join with other people in the sort of fellowship that has Christ at its center, we are bringing together something that is much greater than any summation of our individual parts. Although we are each made in God’s image, none of us are the complete expression and representation of who and what God is. However, gathered together we are something quite unique and extraordinary in our world. When the Spirit of Christ acts to bring people into any fellowship, He grants the gifts of the Spirit that are needed by their calling to the people in that group. Another way of looking at this is that Christ brings the right people together for whatever it is that He desires to see accomplished. When we gather in any sort of fellowship of faith, we are surrounded by God’s own image in human form, and as we stand and serve together in the will of the Father, Christ’s Spirit will bind us together with unbreakable bonds of love.