As for me, I am poor and needy;

but the Lord takes thought of me.

You are my help and my deliverer;

Do not delay, O my God!

Psalm 40: 17


These are the words of a person who appreciates exactly what it is that he brings to God by way of contribution to their relationship. As he was setting out these words, it seems that David was more than aware that his personal bank account of strength, wisdom, righteousness, and holiness was more than empty. He needed the Lord to provide even the most basic of life’s requirements. This was true in the area of physical provision, and it was powerfully true in the area of spiritual matters. David was dependent upon God for all in this life.


This sort of utter emptiness and weakness is very uncomfortable for most people. We want to have our own answers and provide for ourselves. This is how our world works. However, this is not the way that God’s kingdom operates. The wisdom, understanding, and strength that we bring to the process of living life are all tainted by the presence of sin in them and in our utilization of them. We see dimly and function darkly because the cloud of self-importance that swirls about our heads obscures our vision, and thoughts and actions are influenced by our desire for pleasure, comfort, and power. So, God often allows us to try it all on our own. He steps back and grants us the right to operate out of our own supply of resources until they run dry and until the strength that seemed so mighty has evaporated as dew in the mid-day sun.


Then, we are like David, poor and needy. Also, like it was for David, God does take thought of us. In fact, we are never out of His thoughts, for even in those times of living for self and operating as if God’s way were trivial, He has been present. The Lord is absolutely faithful in His relational engagement with each of His people. When we are at our weakest, He upholds our spirits. As we are desperately hungry, He sustains our hearts with His Word of truth and comfort. At the hour when our resources have all been depleted, we are most ready to surrender to the love that gave all to save each of us from ourselves. I am poor and needy, Christ come and fill my need with Your grace, mercy, love, and truth!