I bless the Lord who gives me counsel; in the night also my heart instructs me.

Psalm 16: 7


God blesses my life continually. He does this in so many delightful and valuable ways that I cannot start to list or to count them all. So, how can I even consider blessing the Lord? I doubt that any of my words or actions could possibly be significant enough to have an impact on God. Yet, He tells us that everything we do and even all of our thoughts are known to Him. The Lord has designed the world that we live in so that the way that we live impacts the quality of the life of those around us, too. God cares very deeply about the the way that we conduct ourselves in this world, and He desires for each of us to be drawn to Him in a way that causes us to be motivated to make our lives into living praise of Him.


The Spirit of God speaks continually to my heart and to my mind. He speaks words of encouragement, insight, direction, and hope. God’s voice leads my mind to think about His will, to act out of Christ’s love, and to grow daily in my understanding of the Lord’s plan for restoration of this world. The Lord is never distant or silent. He is always with me, and His wisdom never fails to apply to both my current situation and to the ones that I am going to face in the future.


In the amazingly relational way that God interacts with people, He tells us that He is blessed by our responses to Him. When we respond to the Lord by loving others, by extending grace, and by working to restore the broken hearts of this world, God is overjoyed. He expresses the sort of delight that a loving parent does when a child does well in school or in sports. So, the question remains, how can I bless the Lord? The answer remains the same as it has been throughout history, as my life is lived in a manner that brings the presence of Christ to others, God, Himself, is delighted.