Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away.

Matthew 24: 35


In the midst of teaching on a number of issues and delivering forward-looking statements about the future of Israel, Jesus makes this statement. He is providing what might be considered as investment advice; for, He tells His audience that day and us to consider the future value of the things to which we attach our allegiances. There are things that we can hold onto that are weighty and brilliant and that are even very costly, but they do not last. Their value diminishes with time and is influenced by the forces of human commerce. Most of us do place great importance on possessions and on learning that is also perishable. Neither the possessions nor the learning is necessarily bad, but we need to recognize the temporary and the temporal nature of them.


Christ brings us something that comes from beyond our earth-bound existence. He speaks to us with the words of eternity. The truths that come from His mouth are formed beyond time and outside of the constraints of purely human understanding. Although Jesus was the perfect and the final sacrifice that accomplished the Father’s plan for reconciliation of humanity with God, He was much more. Jesus brought the literal presence of God into our world. He demonstrated and taught holiness and righteousness in the setting of the daily life that we all experience. He made real and perfected our understanding of what being formed in God’s image is about. Jesus delivered God’s message of true concern for who we are and how we behave that speaks to our inner selves as being of far greater importance than our outward appearance.


However, the real importance and the impact of Christ’s words are not in what He said alone. It is found in the way that they influence us to seek God and to desire to know Him and His will more fully. As the Holy Spirit breathes life into the page-bound utterances, they do actually come to life. Words that were spoken and recorded two thousand years ago are fresh and vibrant in this moment. Jesus’ pronouncements about living in a Greek and Roman influenced Jewish culture during a time when a horse was the fastest form of transportation are accurate and pertinent for our world today. Jesus, as God incarnate, was not bound by the limitations of human understanding. His words endure as the standard and guide for living in the center of God’s will. Investing in them is guaranteed to bring a return that is perfect and eternal.