Exalt the LORD our God,

and worship at his holy mountain,

for the LORD our God is holy!

Psalm 99: 9


As a follower of Christ, I can honestly and sincerely do something that most other people would struggle to engage in with the same zeal, for I can truly sing out in praise of my King. The Lord rules the world with mercy and with justice in perfect balance. That is not so easy to do in these days of rampant violence and selfish greed; yet, I can praise God on a daily basis for the love and the grace that He pours out into the portion of the world that I can see myself. I thank the Lord for the love that fills my heart and mind with the presence of Christ, and that thankfulness is overwhelmed by the reality that the most holy God has gifted this poor sinner with the wealth of His salvation and life.


In a very real way God’s holiness is what draws me to Him. The Lord is different from the world in every way, and although He stands apart and separate, He is close by and fully accessible at the same time. God’s values and character are above and beyond the changeable nature of those of this world. People turn our hearts toward the enticing call of contemporary culture. We trade away the wealth of eternity for the momentary pleasure of those current practices and ideas. Thus, we restate ancient truth so that it fits within the confines of our desired behaviors. However, the Lord is not influenced or moved by all of this. He remains above it all, and He continuously speaks His word of truth for all who will hear to follow.


So, out of His holiness God calls to people. He gives us a path to follow through the days of our lives that leads us out of the world’s ever-shifting morality and values and takes us to His holy place of righteousness. Christ takes anyone who will follow Him out of a life that is ruled by the forces of this world, and He brings us onto God’s holy mountain where righteousness and love reign so that joy and peace can become the state of our hearts and minds. Thus, in Christ, we are lifted up to that holy mountain of the Lord so that the ground that we cover in our days is territory that we can fill with the presence of Christ. It is here and now that our words of praise to the Lord can be used by Christ to bring His salvation to the portion of the world that we touch.