And he (God) said to man,

“Behold, the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom,

and to turn away from evil is understanding.”

Job 28: 28


There is a theme here that runs throughout God’s Word. God is to be respected, reverenced, and viewed with absolute awe and wonder. The Lord does, in fact, know all and see all, and He is engaged in everything that takes place in heaven and on earth. There is nothing that people can do or any sum that we can pay that will secure our relationship with God. Also, none of our skill, capacity, or wealth is sufficiently great enough to bring wisdom to us. Wisdom is something that is possessed by God, and He grants it as a gift to people who know Him, for the Lord is fully aware of the fact that people who do not know Him have no true desire to use wisdom for its intended purpose and also have no capacity to embrace it fully and honestly.


We come to know God through surrendering ourselves fully to Him and embracing Christ as the Lord of our lives and Savior of our souls. This surrender of self to Christ is the price that we must pay in order to acquire God’s wisdom. For most people, this payment is greater and harder to tender than anything else that we will ever purchase. Yet, the return on this surrender of self to Christ far exceeds all other investments that we will make in our lifetimes. Thus, as we live as followers of Christ, God becomes our greatest treasure, and He grants His wisdom as a gift to us; so, living as people who are wise from God’s perspective becomes our desire for the journey through our days.


As Job understood it, wisdom turns to application as we discern what is from God and what is not in our world and choose to turn toward God’s will and way through life and away from its opposite which is evil. There is a difficult simplicity in all of this, for most of us would prefer to see the moral and the ethical decisions of our days in shades of grey or as points on a continuum of good to bad. Yet, God says that there are only His way and that of the world. God’s way leads to life and the world’s points straight to the door known as death. Christ grants us the ability to discriminate between the two paths, the strength and the will to make those hard choices, and the encouragement of His Spirit to live out the choices that we make.