How much more will the blood of Christ, who through the eternal Spirit offers himself without blemish to God, purify our conscience from dead works to serve the living God.

Hebrews 9: 14


In this part of Hebrews the author is entering into a discussion of the way that the old system of sacrifices has been overtaken by the singular and ultimate sacrifice that Jesus made in His own body for us all. So, when we accept Christ we enter into the work that His body and blood did so long ago, and we also become heirs of the future glory that this same sacrifice promised. All that Christ did was carried out in fulfillment of God’s covenant with humanity. Every aspect of His sacrifice was given as an offering for the sake of the souls of all people from that day until the end of time.


Now we are called by this same Christ to enter into the fruits of His agony and death by fully embracing the victory of His resurrection. God did not send Jesus to the cross for the sole purpose of securing the eternal dwelling place of certain people. It is true that God, Himself, suffered and bled so that we would be able to enter into relationship with Him and that this relationship extends beyond life on this earth into all of time. However, that eternal relationship was not God’s primary purpose in becoming the final lamb of sacrifice.


In Christ, we are called out of a life that is dedicated and ruled over by death and by that which is lost and broken, and we are called into commitment to engaging with life for the glory of God. Thus, we are to be people who serve the will and honor the name of Christ with every breath that we breathe. Christ is alive, and in Him we also are granted the life that does not perish under the weight of sin. So, people who know the Living God are to be workers within His kingdom come to earth. We are to love others and to pursue justice; we are to set aside anger and violence and give all for the sake of peace; and in all we are to seek after knowledge and understanding of Christ’s will and make the proclamation of His gospel our primary aim in life.