Where shall I go from your Spirit?

Or where shall I flee from your presence?

Psalm 139: 7


There is one singularly constant presence in the entire universe, and that is God. This is a very comforting fact for many people, but it is also highly disturbing for others and fiction for some. Yet, God’s presence and involvement do not depend upon our belief or unbelief. As the author and the creator of all that is, both seen and unseen, the Lord’s handprints are found on it all. However, unlike the evidence that people leave behind us by virtue of our fingerprints or traces of our DNA, God has touched the structure and shaped the essence of all that is at the level of its most elemental component. This is true for people, animals, plants, and the earth and sky. This is also true for all that exists in the realm of the spiritual.


For me, the presence of God is the reality of my world. This is not always so easy to accept, and my thoughts and actions certainly don’t consistently demonstrate this understanding. Thus I wonder, how can I become angry to the point of thinking violence upon others when they are God’s image-bearing children? Or, where do I get the right to think in terms of superiority and inferiority in these same beloved beings? These questions are just examples of a long list of possible ones that I could pose concerning my personal lack of faith in the truth of the Lord’s total sovereignty over creation and of His unceasing engagement with and in all of it.


In truth, I am a flawed and still sinful person who has been redeemed by Christ, and my awareness of these various ways in which I am living outside of God’s will and off of His righteous path is proof of the fact of Christ’s redemptive and transformative work in me. David’s rather rhetorical questions in this psalm do have a simple answer for me too. There is nowhere and no time when I am not in the presence of my Lord. So, I cannot find myself in a situation or circumstance wherein God will not be my strength, counselor, and protector. All He asks of me is that I trust Him and have faith in the Lord’s loving care for me and for the rest of creation, for there is great comfort in God’s presence and my soul finds peace in following His will.