The end of all things is at hand; therefore, be self-controlled and sober-minded for the sake of your prayers.

1 Peter 4: 7


Jesus took His followers to the very end and beyond. He takes everyone who lays aside the life of our births and takes on Him as Savior and Lord to the same places. When the Jews and the Romans conspired to end the life of that troublesome teacher, Jesus, they were actually conspirators by default with God in effecting His plan for the redemption of all of creation. That perfect sacrifice was the culmination of all of the times of man that had been proceeding forth after our ancestor’s rebellion against God in the garden. Now the next phase of humanity’s history had commenced.


Today we live in a world that is swirling about in ever-increasing disorder and chaos that is the result of Satan’s struggle for position and control which is compounded by the progressive break down of the fabric of creation, itself. This all ends after Christ returns and establishes God’s perfect, sinless new creation in place of all that has been and is now. Until then, we live in the reality and in the opportunity of these end days. As followers of Christ we already dwell in the kingdom of God come to earth. The air that we breathe is taken out of the atmosphere where Christ’s Spirit also dwells, and our hearts, minds, and spirits are fed from the eternal banquet of God’s Word.


So, there are certain attitudes and approaches to life that are highly valuable and helpful to us in living for God’s glory and serving His purposes. When our world is so wildly out of control in its anger, violence, self-seeking, and greed; we are to be controlled by the Spirit and by the truth of the word as it is revealed to us. This should lead to a seriousness of thought that recognizes the great importance that our witness to the Gospel of Christ holds. What we think, say, and do directly impacts the way that others view Christ, and our lives are a living testimony to Him. Central to that life of witness is prayer. This form of communion with God is something that overlays all of the days of a follower of Christ. It prepares us for the sort of clear-thinking and courageous action that these end days demand.