I am the LORD your God,

who brought you up out of the land of Egypt.

Open your mouth wide, and I will fill it.

Psalm 81: 10


I must confess that sometimes I need to be reminded of the fact that God is my God and that as such He cares about and for me in ways that are amazing and even miraculous. This is what God is doing for His people in the nation of Israel in this psalm. He is the sovereign king who is also the God of all creation; yet, this same exalted and all-powerful ruler self-describes as being like a mother bird that places the food into the gaping mouths of its hatchlings. This picture brings to mind a very intimate scene of care and provision on the one hand and of willing acceptance and trust on the other.


If only we humans were as ready and willing to trust God as does the young bird. Instead we often refuse the nourishment that the Lord brings to us. We question the quality and the value of it, and we clamp shut our mouths and proclaim that we will acquire our own supply of food from sources that we can control. Yet, we are starving to death. Our voices are no longer filled with songs of joyous praise, and the process of simple survival depletes the strength of our hearts. It would be easy to look around me and point to others and say that this is a description of them, but I am truly looking into my own mirror. The starving image is my own.


So, Lord, how do want me to respond? What do you desire from me? As you remind Israel in the psalm, Lord, you are my savior. You came after me when I was lost and condemned to death, and you delivered me into the freedom of a new land of dwelling in your kingdom come now and for eternity. Now your promise to care for and to provide for my needs is something that I can trust absolutely and enjoy fully. Thus, you desire for me to have faith, trust in the goodness of all that you provide, and open my mouth wide to take in the love, truth, and direction that your gracious heart pours out for the sake of my strength, health, and growth.