And we have seen and testify that the Father has sent his Son to be the Savior of the world.

1 John 4: 14


This was easy for John to say, for he was there. He knew Jesus as friend and companion. John had touched Jesus and had felt Jesus’ loving hand on his own face. Yet, it seems to me that testifying to the presence of Christ is not such a foreign idea to someone like myself. I may live over 2,000 years after Jesus was here on earth, but that doesn’t mean that He is not here with me now. The touch of Christ is truly real, and His involvement in my life is tangible and evident to me. I can say with complete sincerity that I have seen Christ, and I can testify to the salvation that He has given to me.


This salvation is something that is much greater than just that of my eternal existence, too. Its not that the idea of eternity in the presence of God as opposed to one that is experienced in separation from Him is a small matter, but I am living here in the present reality of my life. So, the salvation that Christ has given to my current existence is important to me. Jesus has transformed my life in ways that are both great and small. He makes the difference as regards any goodness, grace, mercy, and love that I grant to others. His Spirit provides me with understanding and perspective when there is little that is clear or understandable in my world.


Christ has poured out the precious oil of God’s grace upon my unworthy head, and He proclaims me to be righteous, holy, and beloved child when He stands before the Father and in the hearing of the world. There is much more that I could say about the salvation of Christ and what it means to me, but let me summarize by saying that I can in full sincerity and with all of my heart and mind testify to the presence of Christ in the world. Jesus is my Savior just as He was John’s. Christ’s touch is as tangible to me as it must have been to him, and I desire to live in a manner that makes this life a testimony to Christ and my words a bold expression of His love.