Your decrees are very trustworthy,

holiness befits your house,

O LORD, forevermore.

Psalm 93: 5


We are surrounded by people who like to hear themselves speak. They put out large volumes of words, and there is often great passion or power in what they say. At least there is the force of volume and the impact of invective in them; although, the content may be highly suspect. It seems as if we have two choices in it all if we desire to maintain sanity. We can buy into the message or the speaker and become followers of the cause, or we can tune it all out and hope that the racket moves on to some other neighborhood soon. Neither response is guaranteed to make any real difference in our world.


That reality leads to a third possibility. There is a source of rhetoric in our world that is reliably true and consistently righteous and just. God has spoken out with His words of life from before there was time. He has never stopped pouring forth the knowledge and the wisdom that creation needs to not only live but also to thrive in this universe of doubt, struggle, and death. The Lord speaks with a language that is woven through with love, grace, and mercy, and He grants these divinely authored attributes to anyone who seeks to know Him and to enter into relationship with God.


As we do surrender our own futile attempts to make sense of life and focus the reception of our minds and the hearing of our hearts on God’s word of life, we also move our place of dwelling from out of the shadow of the world’s chaos; so, we dwell under the covering of the holiness of the Lord. Yet, God does not intend for this house of peace and justice to be a shelter or a sanctuary in which we escape engagement with the messiness of this world. Instead, the Lord desires for His people to fill to fullness on His Word and go into the raucous discord of our community with Christ’s relentless message of love, peace, and reconciliation. We are to be bold and passionate doers of truth, relentlessly seeking justice, and respectfully confronting the world’s lies and deception with confident words of grace that come from our Lord.