O LORD of Hosts,

blessed is the one who trusts in you!

Psalm 84: 12


Trust is a big deal. As we go through life we learn a lot about it, and I fear, that much of what we learn is not very positive. As people disappoint us we learn to expect the let down. As they betray our trust in them, we learn to be self-protective and skeptical. Because trust is so often broken in our world, when groups of people come together to work as a team they often spend significant amounts of time and put out great effort in learning to trust each other. Even these hard earned bonds are usually rather fragile. They come apart at the slightest intrusion of suspicion or doubt.


Such is the nature of the world where we live. Thus, we all enter into lives where the pain of isolation and the weakness that separation causes are normal for us. Yet, this is not how God made us. In the Lord’s work of creating people in His image, He made us to be relational beings who engage in deep and intimate ways with God and with other people. Trust is foundational to that sort of engagement. We need to be willing to expose our needs and ourselves in a manner that is profoundly vulnerable in order to operate at a deep and a lasting level in relationships. Likewise, we must be open and trustworthy with the deep ideas and feelings that others bring to us.


Our greatest and best capacity to trust and to be trustworthy starts with the way that we view God and our relationship with Him. My experience and that of innumerable people in God’s Word is that trustworthiness is a fundamental characteristic of God. He takes my deepest, darkest, and most painful revelations and provides me with truth that engages the struggle and with resources to live fully and well. My capacity to trust other people is grounded in my trust in God. I know that He has my back, and my front, and everything in the middle. I also recognize the fact that the Lord desires that my relationships would be strong and healthy. He wants people to stand together in our faith in the God who is trustworthy, and He works with us to build those relationships.