This God — his way is perfect;

the word of the LORD proves true;

he is a shield for all those who take refuge in him.

2 Samuel 22: 31


David knew troubled and turbulent times. He fought and contended with enemies from outside of Israel and from within his own family until he was too old to stand on the field of battle himself. Then, his followers took up the cause of leading the defense of the nation. Yet, despite their great successes in battle, David knew that the Lord had always won the real victory. In fact, on many occasions David had prevailed despite himself because God remained true to His calling of David to be King over the nation.


So, the aged King reflects upon his life and his relationship with God in this song of thanksgiving and praise. This God, the Lord God of the Universe, is the singular example and model of perfect righteousness. His voice is the one that leads people along a path that takes us to a life that is lived out in close proximity to the center of God’s will. As we consider our own lives and the times in which we live, I think that this is still an absolutely true statement. The Lord is calling us to follow Him in waging war against the deceptive evil of an enemy that is violently bent on the destruction of souls. Yet, I think that this war is to be fought with a different form of weapon than the ones that David used.


For us, Christ stands as the example of a warrior for the cause of redemption. God’s Word provides us with knowledge and understanding of the nature and the character of God and leads us into His will for us. The Spirit of Christ grants understanding and wisdom to our hearts and our minds so that Christ’s love for all people and God’s desire for redemption for all souls can guide our prayers, thoughts, and efforts. In today’s worldwide battle against evil, I think that followers of Christ are called upon by God to be the ones who are trusting in our Lord to protect and to care for us, and we are to be the ones who are holding God’s shield of refuge up for others so that they can come into that same saving relationship with Christ.