Finally, my brothers, rejoice in the Lord. To write the same things to you is no trouble to me and is safe for you.

Philippians 3: 1


Here we are at the end of one year and the beginning of another. This is a time that often triggers reflection and goal setting in light of what is learned through that reflective thinking. This past year has been hard in many respects. There has been warfare taking place all over the globe to such an extent that, regardless of where we live, it is hard to feel safe from its violence. People are engaged in struggles to simply survive while many of us are feeling threatened by their desire to move away from oppression and death and into our neighborhoods. True justice has become very hard to define, dangerous to defend, and seems to be a futile dream in our world.


This is the sort of time that Paul’s “finally” is all about. He is not so much drawing a series of thoughts to a close as he is reaching the place of summation. He is stating a final argument for the manner in which followers of Christ are distinctly set apart from the rest of our world and from our cultures. We know something that does not require us to escape from reality to achieve and that does hold up regardless of what is happening in our world or in our own life. In and through all that comes our way we can trust in the presence of Christ with us. This presence of the one who is the unshakable lover of my soul and the caretaker of my life brings about a form of deep-seated joy that fills all of the dark caverns that doubt and fear attempt to create within my heart and mind.


This fullness of joy that Christ causes is my companion through all of life. It walks with me in bold defiance of the reticence to love and to care for others that society preaches. It supports and comforts my wounded heart when I am overtaken by grief and loss, and it empowers me to express the depth and the nature of my relationship with Christ to everyone that I encounter in any and all context within the scope of my day’s journey. In fact, this joy that Christ brings about in me demands expression, and this expression is the rejoicing that Paul describes. It is the natural result of living a life that has been surrendered to Christ, and its reality in me is one of the ways that my Lord speaks to others about their need for the Savior. So, let’s ring in this new year with thoughts, words, and actions of joyous praise to our Lord!