Why do you send your money for that which is not bread,

and your labor for that which does not satisfy?

Listen diligently to me, and eat what is good,

and delight yourselves in rich food.

Isaiah 55: 2


It is really easy to become focused on the things that we have done and on the successes that life has allowed us to achieve. This can be among the most natural of all things that we can do when we look back on the journey that has been traveled. There is not a thing wrong with this sort of reminiscence, either. It can lead to some interesting mental and emotional travels through time. Yet, it also leads me to realize two truths about living. The first one is that some of the things that I have done have been very selfish and have not seemingly done much of anything to advance God’s cause in this world. The other is that the Lord’s hand has never been off of my life.


These two revelations that are seemingly at odds with each other are worthy of a moment’s consideration. I have been blessed by the presence of God in my life from its beginning. My world was touched by people who knew Christ and who regularly and routinely lived out their best understandings of His will. Perhaps God understood just how independent and stubborn I can be; so, He kept Himself very near to my heart in order to protect it from me? Whatever the case may be, I have taken some really self-directed and worldly turns as I have navigated through it all. There have been years and years in which I invested heavily in the glittery and self-satisfying things that always break, fail, and rust and that are guaranteed to be burned away as stubble as Christ purifies His creation.


Still, despite my stubborn disregard for God’s will and failure to follow His way through life, Christ’s grace has prevailed. As I said, He has never taken His hands off of me, and my Lord is ever ready to welcome me to join with Him in a meal that fills me with truth and with love so that I can join with Christ in doing the work that He created me for. The Lord has set out a banquet table loaded with the rich food of His Word. He asks nothing of us except that we are willing to join with Him at that table. He wants to fill us with Himself so that we can leave that place with courageous hearts and focused minds. Christ strengthens us so that we can use the amazing gifts and skills that He has granted to each of us in the sort of work that is eternally satisfying.