For by a single offering he has perfected for all time those who are being sanctified.

Hebrews 10: 14


For those of us who know Christ, the work of salvation is completed. Christ, Himself, has done that, and as the author of Hebrews has just indicated, Jesus has taken His rightful seat at the right hand of the Father while Hw awaits that time when the grand drama of the earthly and spiritual conflict between Satan and God will come to its foreordained conclusion. Meanwhile, we can rest in the certainty of our relationship with God and engage in the calling to discipleship that Christ has given to each of His people.


Although Christ’s sacrifice was sufficient to gain our acceptance into the eternal presence of the Father, that does not mean that we are completely removed from participation in the new life that we have been granted by that sacrifice. Sanctification is not something that just happens regardless of our willingness and participation. In one sense the work of sanctification rests squarely upon the Holy Spirit in that it is He who produces these wonderful and transformative changes within Christ’s followers. Yet, we do not just sit back and anticipate the work of the Spirit within us and within others in the body of Christ.


As disciples of Jesus we are tasked with making our sacrificial offerings. These honorific gifts to God are not like the ones of old in that they do not court favor with and from God; instead, they are sacrifices of self that bring us ever closer to our Lord and that function to empty us of our old, dying self so that Christ can fill us up to overflowing with the new being that we are in Him. As I lay my greed, anger, lust, and pride at the foot of Christ’s cross of salvation, the Spirit takes these now empty places and pours into me the grace of God and His character of truth and righteousness to fill me with this new nature that is that of Christ.