For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to everyone who believes.

Romans 10: 4


We like the law. It is simple and direct. It gives us rules to follow and sets hard boundaries that hold our behaviors in check. However, no one succeeds in living according to the dictates of God’s Law. This last statement is true for me and for you. It is the reality for the most committed holy person that anyone can think of, too. The only person to ever walk upon this earth who did fully adhere to the righteous standard that God sets out as His benchmark for holiness was Jesus. So, that takes us to this revelation of truth that God granted to Paul.


If we desire to live as God would have us live, then we have one and only one path to follow. Following Christ is the singular option that God has provided for people to know Him and to function fully in the realization of that knowing. What makes this so hard to do, I think, is that Christ is not a clearly marked trail to follow, and He is not a template for holiness to fit into. Christ comes to us as Lord and Savior and this requires that we surrender to His lordship and accept His saving sacrifice without reservation or holdback of any portion of ourselves. Jesus gave all for us, and He requires all from us in return.


So, why do we struggle with following Christ while desiring the seeming simplicity of the Law? From my perspective and looking inward at myself, this is true because I am deluded and unwilling to fully surrender myself to the relational nature of God that is made known in Christ. I am deluded into believing that rules and works are the best way to enter into God’s favor and the favor of my fellow humans. Instead, Christ is the only way to enter into the Kingdom of God, and He works in me to transform my heart and my mind so that I act according to His will. Christ makes the true tenants of God’s law organic in my flesh as I yield my desire for rules to relationship with Him.