Now therefore may it please you to bless the house of your servant, so that it may continue forever before you. For you, O Lord GOD, have spoken, and with your blessing shall the house of your servant be blessed forever.

2 Samuel 7: 29


There is very little permanence in this world. On a regular basis the things that we hold as examples of longevity die, fall down, or are destroyed. A very long life will reach 100 years, but we know with certainty that it, too, will end. There is decay afoot in our air and in our water, and it has infected everything on this earth from rocks to flesh. Yet, in the face of this same reality, David spoke with confident certainty about God’s promise of his house continuing forever. Through His word and by His presence God granted to David the same knowledge and the same view of life that He grants to anyone who will listen and follow.


Unlike some people, God does not hold the granting of His blessings as a tool for controlling others. He approaches, pursues, and grabs hold of people in order to grant us His grace, forgiveness, care, mercy, protection, and provision. In a word, His blessing. God intends to enter into a relationship with people, and He is a relentless and tireless worker in that cause. The answer to the great division that sin caused to exist between humanity and God was made perfect and complete by Jesus’ life and sacrificial death. Then God answered the issue of permanence as He defeated decay and death by raising Christ from among the dead and raising Him back to His place in glory.


It is in Christ that God’s promise of forever is written; then, through Him, that promise is made real in the lives of people. Each of us is heir to the great blessings that God granted to David. Christ calls to all people to set aside our self-centered view of life and to accept His grace-filled transformative renewal. As we follow David’s example and humbly submit our deepest selves to Christ, emptying ourselves of the old crumbling and failing foundation that tenuously holds us up, His Spirit will fill us again with an intimate knowledge of God that makes courageous commitment to following Him possible. It is from this state of complete weakness before God that we will find the peace, the joy, and the righteous living that are God’s forever blessing for our souls.