How lovely are Thy dwelling places, O Lord of hosts!

Psalm 84: 1


There are many magazines that are published with pictures and stories about amazing and wonderful homes. We can watch hours upon hours of television where homes are made nearly perfect. Yet, when I consider the beauty, the glory, and the splendor of God’s house, images that far exceed any of these come to mind. God’s house must be a place where the most extraordinary of all possible colors and textures are ordinary. As I think about living in this place, my heart is lifted and a smile just comes to my face. This is the place of my dreams, and these are the surroundings that my heart yearns for. It is here that all my needs will be met, and it is in these surroundings that I will be in the loving presence of my Lord, God the Father, throughout all of the moments of my existence.


However, as I consider the location of God’s house, His word leads me to the fact that when I granted the Spirit of Christ entree into me by accepting Him as my Lord and recognizing at the level of my heart the truth of Jesus’ sacrificial death and triumphal resurrection, God’s house came to me. Everyone who knows Jesus has become the dwelling place of the Spirit of God. So, we are not just decorated in the splendid outer wrappings of God’s house, but our hearts, minds, and souls have been changed to be in the image of the grace, righteousness, peace, and love of God, and those are the most splendid furnishings that I can imagine.


Additionally, all of this redecorating has already taken place. In Christ, I was made new, and the loveliness of God does already reside in and on me. There are still corners of my life where the old, life worn and futile aspects of my former self are hidden away as I try to hang onto them and their false comfort. But God keeps working on His renovation project, and every day, as I grant Him permission to work in these corridors of my heart, the Lord reveals more of Himself in me, and as the writer of this Psalm said,

“How blessed is the man who trusts in Thee!” Psalm 84: 12b