And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.

Colossians 3: 17


Everything is a rather large and inclusive collection. This is particularly true when that everything is characterized by whatever. Whatever is a word that is defined as, “Everything, regardless of other conditions or circumstances.” So, it would seem that Paul is saying that followers of Christ should go through life with every word we utter and all of the actions that we take being completely committed to Jesus. In this way of viewing life, Christ is Lord over and of it all. There are no holdbacks or private and personal areas that we get to own ourselves.


This understanding of life and of how to live it is a really big deal; it is a game changer. Embracing this sort of perspective on each day will reframe my approach to it. I can no longer consider that some of the interactions that I have are of no real importance. Even more significantly in this light, I must view the people who I meet in the manner that Christ sees them. They matter, and the words I say to them and the impression that I leave with them are to be those of my Lord. Even the thoughts and the deeds that are done in private can have an impact on others, and Christ desires that I would allow Him to redeem all of me, even my private self.


It seems to me that an attitude about life that considers everything as Christ’s is not burdensome. Instead, it is freeing, for it places me squarely in the center of God’s grace. I do not have the capacity or the ability to live in this manner on my own, and experience tells me that I will not do so consistently. Yet, God not only forgives my failures but He also guides my repentant heart onto a better path. As I humbly submit my life to Christ with every word and deed that I do conveying His love and truth, Christ changes me. He works at the center of my being in a way that makes loving and caring for everyone and all things, which was unnatural before, into my new true self. There is peace in this transformation, and for this I give thanks to the Lord.