You will say in that day:

“I will give thanks to you, O Lord,

for though you were angry with me,

your anger turned away,

that you might comfort me.”

Isaiah 12: 1


The Prophet is looking ahead to a time in the future when God’s people, in his case the nation of Israel, will recognize their sinful disobedience of God and God’s faithfulness to them. Isaiah anticipates something that he has not seen. He dreams of the people’s repentant hearts. He is also very aware of God’s nature and of His desire for reconciliation with people. I doubt that Isaiah fully comprehends how God will cause this reconciliation to happen. He just knows that it will occur, and he accepts it on faith that it will be affected by the actions of God’s own Messiah. Isaiah doesn’t need to know more than this to trust God fully.


From where we reside in the long history of humanity, we have a different view upon God’s redemptive work. We have the testimony of God’s Word and of generations of people with all of it speaking the praises of Jesus, God’s Messiah, who has come and given His all to grant to everyone who believes that peace and salvation that God has always desired for us to enjoy. There is no question in my mind that I do not deserve the loving embrace with which God continually holds me. My thoughts and actions would seem to require a response that is comprised of punishment and rejection. Yet God grants grace and acceptance to me.


When I am disobedient and defiant, God provides me with His truth. As I turn away from love and embrace my own passions and desires, God shows me His better way. In all that I do out of willfulness, pride, anger, or fear; God walks with me and redirects my mind and my heart toward His righteous purposes. In Christ all people have been granted the gift of the ability to live with Isaiah’s hymn of thankfulness and praise on our lips during every hour of each day. In Christ we are given the comfort and the peace that come only in and through close relationship with God.