And God saw everything that he had made, it was very good. And there was evening and there was morning, the sixth day.

Genesis 1: 31


This world is the work of God’s great creative expression. This includes all of it from the atmosphere around earth, the planet itself, the creatures upon it, and all of the people who have ever populated it. We are all designed, shaped, and fashioned by the hand of the Creator, God. As God completed His work, this entire world was perfect and without flaw. There was nothing lacking and it contained everything that was needed to flourish and to thrive. We all know the story; disobedience and rebellion were brought to the scene by an actor from outside of this perfect creation. So, Satan entices the innocent and they respond by rebelling against the authority of God. It’s a theme that is repeated on a daily basis in our world. The path of rebellion is one that all people choose and by which all of creation is damaged.


Like humanity, the rest of creation is a mixture of good and evil: just and oppressive, beneficial and harmful, and loving and hurtful. This world is a crazy-quilt tapestry of all that is righteous and good mixed with everything that is sinful and evil. That which is godly stands shoulder to shoulder with that which is ungodly. We all live among people and things that are clear expressions of God’s glory and among those that are working in opposition to Him. That is the nature of the world in these days. That is why God sent His Redeemer Son to this world. The Father wants to see His creation restored to the peaceful kingdom of His design.


Unfortunately, this restoration will not occur without much greater upheaval and turmoil. The evil that is infused into the world will not surrender its hold on existence easily. It is powerful and it operates with great cunning, guile, and deception. Yet, its life span is temporary, its hold upon creation is tenuous, and the destruction and pain that it brings is reversible. Christ is victorious over it all, and He will reign over this world forever. Today, in Christ, we can live in the peace and the joy of His victory. We can bring the glory of God to every person and place that we contact in our day. God’s desire for restoration can become ours as well. We can see and appreciate the beauty of God’s presence in our world, and as followers of Christ, we can accept God’s grace and forgiveness, and we can impart love to sooth the wounds and the pain of living in a place of conflict such as this.