And he awoke and rebuked the wind and said to the sea, “Peace! Be still! And the wind ceased and there was a great calm.

Mark 4: 39


Although this story sounds perfect for the Weather Channel as it is partially about mastery over nature, it is mostly a story centered on something else. This is about trusting God in those times when the winds are blowing with ferocity and there is no shelter to be found. The journey that Jesus and His men were on started out in the calm of the early evening; so, He curled up in the stern of the boat for a nap after the highly strenuous activity of that day of non-stop teaching. All was fine until the storm came up suddenly and the wind caused the waves to start cresting over the side rails of the boat.


Now life was getting serious in a big hurry. They were too far from shore to swim to safety if the boat were to capsize or sink, and the one of them who had demonstrated the gift of performing miracles was lost in sleep. So, the disciples awaken Jesus and plead with Him to do something. Then, Jesus says these few words, and the storm stops. End of story. What comes next? But that is not all there is, and the calming of the wind and the water is certainly not the end of this story. Jesus then questions His companions on their faith as they realize, finally, that Jesus is no ordinary man.


So, what about me, what about the life that we all live? I have not been in a small boat on a large lake in a very long time, but I do live in a world where strong winds come up without warning. The platform that creates security for my feet gets tossed about and overturned with some regularity. This life is unpredictable, and many of the surprises turn out to be hard to handle and harshly painful. Yet, for those of us who know Jesus, He is there in the boat with us. He is not distant, and His care is not removed from our situation. We can pour out the fears and the anguish of our hearts to Christ, and He hears the needs of our souls and answers with the faithful truth and comfort that comes from the Father. Storms are real, fear is natural, and pain is too common in our fallen world; yet, in all of this, Jesus is with us. He knows what we are enduring, and He provides the comfort of His infinite grace and love to calm life’s seas.