Ascribe to the Lord the glory due his name; worship the Lord in the splendor of holiness.

Psalm 29: 2


Sometimes I am forgetful, and at other times I seem to have my eyes closed tightly, for there are too many days that go by where I don’t appreciate the Lord for even a small portion of who He is and for what He does. Days like these may be the ones where I am way too self-focused, or they might be times when I am caught up in the importance of my own influence and impact on the universe. When this is true, I am suffering from a lack of accurate perspective, and the quality of my life is diminished because of this.


Everywhere that there is true beauty, and all of the splendors of this world are the handiwork of the Lord. He is the master painter, the skilled architect, and the perfect designer of the environment that sustains life, delights my senses, and that feeds my soul. It is up to me to open my eyes and to allow my heart to soak in all that God has placed before me during each day. His love is expressed in the colors of flowers, in the fragrance of the wind, in the vitality of a hummingbird, in the warmth of a smile, and in the comfort of a friend.


O Lord, let me be aware of You, of Your presence, and of Your loving grace. I pray that I will be like the multitudes that surround Your throne in Heaven with my heart lifted up in continual appreciation and praise of You, my God and Creator. Let my eyes never stop seeing You as I travel through my day. Guide my thoughts and direct my actions so that my life will be a living expression of Your glory and righteousness.