Peace I leave with you, my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.

John 14: 27


Peace is settledness, a stillness that comes from deep within. In this sense it is different in essential nature from the sort of calm that we can learn to express through practice and by using skills or technique. This sort of practiced and trained calm is like a pot of boiling water when oil is poured on its surface. The water is no longer splashing out of the pot, but the contents are still cooked by the high heat that is inside. Most people can learn to say that everything is fine, and we are able to acquire the ability to even look peaceful on the outside, but Jesus is talking about something else entirely.


Remember, as Jesus was saying these words to His followers, He was in a situation that was the farthest thing possible from peace inducing. He knew fully that His next hours would bring stress, pain, and suffering for Himself that would take Him to the edge of human endurance. He also knew without question that He was doing exactly what the Father had planned for Him to do, and Jesus, in all of His humanity, trusted the Father completely. Although Jesus would feel powerful emotions and He would express His feelings openly, that inner calm that comes from trust, obedience, and faith in the Father’s perfectly loving will continued to anchor Him. Jesus found His peace in His relationship with the Father.


Christ has given us the same gift. His Spirit is with us so that we can know God and be led by Him in all aspects of life. From intimate personal experience, He knows the importance of possessing peace. So, He wants people to accept and to embrace this Godly quality as our own. The simple knowledge that God is walking with me in all situations is comforting. The fact that He knows my journey and its outcome is strengthening, for I trust that His outcome is my best one. Christ does not give me some instructions or a few lessons in how to express calm in the face of my personal storm. Instead, He enters into the tempest with me, and Christ grants me His unshakable peace of heart so that I can stand up and think clearly regardless of what comes my way.