Now God has not only raised the Lord, but will also raise us up through his power.

1 Corinthians 6: 14


Life means much more than just breath in and out. Being alive involves thoughts and actions that are above, beyond and outside of the understanding of this world’s haze of defeat and death. Life is what God gives to us through Christ. The life that comes through Christ is not just entered into in a future eternity that follows this mortal existence. Rather, God intends for it to be our reality in the here and now. Life in Christ and living through Christ becomes the sustaining breath of people who follow Him. We are totally new at the core of our being, and we can be almost completely transformed into Christ-image bearers by surrendering ourselves fully to Him.


So, in this fact lies one of the great conflicts of life for Christians. We follow Christ because we are drawn to the righteousness of God in contrast to our lost state without Him. There is a very apparent contrast between the way that we would like to approach our days and our mode of living. Yet, after the joy and the elation of new relationship with Jesus are past, we see little in the way of difference. Life goes on. I am still as I was with my fears, angers, conflicts, and pain. I have an eternity secured but today’s life is still firmly grounded in this hell-on-earth residence.


This struggle is not the result of God’s indifference or lack of engagement with me or with this world. It exists in me primarily because I have not surrendered myself to Christ. I continue to seek after my sense of who I am and my concept of value or worth in the same places that I frequented before I knew Christ. As I go to the world’s sources of truth, I can only hope to grow in my worldliness, and when I indulge my weakness and sin, the outcome will always be defeat and shame. However, Christ provides a better way to live. He calls me to His embrace with grace and into the influence of the truth that is found in God’s Word and in fellowship with Christ’s body. This is where my true self lies, for here, in the presence of the Risen Lord, I can live today as an image bearer of Christ.