Hear my prayer, O Lord, and give ear to my cry; hold not your peace at my tears!

For I am a sojourner with you, a guest, like all my fathers.

Psalm 39: 12


It is both troublesome and comforting to realize that God invites us to freely express our true emotions. He is available, and He does respond. Yet, as David is expressing in this Psalm, we don’t always really want to hear all that God has to say. Truth can be too painful to bear. Reality is a harsh and a bitter pill to swallow. When it is my sin and failure to follow God’s righteous way that is the topic of our conversation, I can get totally overwhelmed by the words. Still, my heart knows that it is all for my good. God’s words of rebuke and correction come from His deep and absolutely committed love for me.


Also like David, I need to remind myself of my place in this world and in life. I am on an unending journey that takes me from the moment that I surrendered to Christ’s call for my soul all the way until this body ceases to be. This world where I wander is not a settled place. It doesn’t grant me much in the way of safely peaceful places to settle down and relax. Like Abraham long ago God has called me to leave the place where I was born and had settled into a comfortable life. He leads me on a path that is at times very direct and at other times seems to have no terminus. What matters in all of this is the fact that God is the one doing the leading. He stays true to His commitment to go before His children in this life. Christ also joins us in the travels. Just as He walked those steps of sacrifice and shame on the way to the cross, Christ walks them step by step with our weary feet during our days on the foreign soil of our world.


O Lord, my body grows weary. My sinful heart is crushed by my shame. My spirit seeks relief and rest. So, I turn to Your truth and find what I so dearly require. Even when the words that You speak are ones that sear my ears with the bitterness of rebuke, I know that Your love is in them. You do not leave me, and You never abandon me to the aloneness of my flight from You. Lord, I cry out and You answer. I speak from the passion of my pain, and You bring my heart peace. You hear my prayer and I am secure in Your presence, O Lord!