For as in Adam all die, so also in Christ shall all be made alive.

1 Corinthians 15: 22


Now Paul is discussing a future event. He is talking about the real, bodily resurrection that Jesus experienced and that He will grant to everyone who believes in and follows Him. This is a part of the restoration that Christ will bring to all of creation in His second coming. Although it is rather hard to actually understand, this is a great and wonderful promise. However, my future shape and form have very little to do with my life in this world today.


What does matter now in this discussion of Christ’s resurrection and in this promise of a future one for me is the real fact of God’s complete and absolute control over life and death and of all of the elements of what life actually means. Jesus was a very real man who lived an earthly life just as we all do. He experienced all of the pain and suffering of a horrible death, and He drew a last breath in the same manner as every other person does. Yet, He did not stay dead. God raised Jesus out of death and resurrected Him into a new life that was seen and touched by many of His followers. Christ is alive, and this fact was clearly attested to by numerous people.


So, if God can overcome the ultimate defeat that we experience in life, that is death, then why couldn’t this same God overcome the daily struggles of living that we each endure? The new life that followers of Christ enter into with the Holy Spirit dwelling within us is a real version of the resurrection that Christ gained. Acceptance of Christ as Savior and Lord brings about a transformation in us that permeates every cell of our being. The idea of it being like a new birth is accurate. Christ’s resurrection grants to all who follow Him a new and a radically different view of what it means to live that is freed from the oppression of mortality and that is filled with the grace and love of the Father. Our daily mission is to seek to know Christ more fully and to live to the fullest in the expression of that grace and love.