If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.

Romans 10: 9


This is another of those statements that are found in God’s Word that is essentially very simple; yet, incredibly complex for my mind to actually grasp. Two very straightforward phrases that cut right to the heart of humanity’s reconciliation with our Creator. A basic set of beliefs that can change everything in our lives. A statement of fact that some people accept and that others reject, and it is on this decision that all of eternity rests for each of us. We are either rejoined with God or we are left on our own through the remainder of this life and through all of the next.


Yet, even when a person has agreed with these ideas and called upon Jesus to be Savior and Lord of her life, there is still a lifetime of yielding and submitting and being restored that is left to experience. This is where it all gets to be more complex. This is where life continues to be a great journey and even a fabulous adventure to be embraced and entered into fully. I find that surrendering myself and all of my comfortably established patterns of thinking and acting is not as simple as accepting who and what Christ is. That was truly the easy part for me. The hard part is the rest of the story in which I live in a manner that makes it apparent to anyone that Christ is my Lord. Still, as I struggle with life, Christ speaks His presence, His grace, His truth, and His calling to my heart and my mind.


In His resurrection from the dead, Christ totally defeated the most powerful force in this world, and in doing that, He demonstrated His complete mastery over all of creation. When we accept Him into our lives His Spirit joins with us and His defeat of the effects of sin and death are now ours. This is a powerful idea to grasp and to embrace as my own. For in Christ I no longer am the victim. I am now a conqueror of the entire burden that Satan and his evil forces have placed onto my back. So as I agree in my heart with the fact that Christ is my Lord and place my fears, doubts, concerns, and selfish motives as personal sacrifices before His healing grace and forgiveness, Christ performs His healing and restorative work in me. He makes the totality of salvation real in my life. Christ not only assures me of an eternal life with God after this one is done, but He literally brings that eternity into my current existence. This is the essential wonder and beauty of living in Christ.