In your great compassion you did not make an end of them or forsake them, for you are a gracious and merciful God.

Nehemiah 9: 31


The one characteristic of God’s that I rely upon far too much is His mercy. I tend to push my selfish will to the limit and then, far too readily accept the fact that the divine axe did not fall. Yet, this is who God truly is. He simply is not the angry, vengeful, and destructive god that so many people believe in and teach others to follow. The Lord, my God and my Redeemer, is loving, understanding, compassionate, and extends gracious mercy to me and to everyone else as well.


There will be a final accounting for the lives that we each have lived, and there will come a time when the evil that is loose in this world will come face to face with God’s victorious might, but the Lord is never angry to the point of destruction with people. Rather, He detests the destruction that evil causes in the hearts and minds of His children. He is deeply saddened by the lives that are ruined by Satan’s lies and deception, and the Lord will allow us to choose to follow the deceiver to our own self-determined destruction.


Still, God’s desire is for every person, each and all of us, to know Him in the truth of who He is. The Lord wants all to come close to Him so that we can know the warmth of His embrace and stand tall in Christ’s victory over sin in our lives. For me, God’s grace and mercy are more than enough reason to seek Him and to set aside my self centered attitudes about how to live. The way to know God’s compassion, grace, and mercy best is to give the same to the people that I encounter during this day; so, my prayer for today is that I would be slow to anger, quick to forgive, and lovingly truthful with the people who are in my world.