But when one turns to the Lord, the veil is removed.

2 Corinthians 3: 16


I have never worn a veil. So, anything that I say about the experience of doing this comes out of my imagination. Yet, it is not all that hard to picture what looking out at the world through a layer of cloth might be like. Depending on the thickness and makeup of the fabric, objects, colors, and activity would be visible and it would be possible to navigate through life without major collisions, but nothing would be sharply defined or clearly understood. Also, people are not given the opportunity to truly know the wearer of a veil, for the face is obscured.


All of this describes a part of what it is like to live without Christ. God is the origin and the author of truth, understanding, discernment, and their product: wisdom. Christ is the ultimate way that all of these characteristics of God have been brought into this current epoch of the human experience of a sin-ravaged world. Also He brings God into our presence and, more importantly, us into the presence of a holy God. The Holy Spirit takes it from there, for in the great wonder of how God works with each of us, His Spirit comes to indwell every person who believes in Christ. Thus, God grants to us the gift of His clarity of vision and depth of understanding.


Although there will be days when it might seem better to continue to view it all through the gauze of distorted and partially obscured sight, this is never actually the case. God’s clarity and bright light of truth help to give His people the sort of eyes that see others with a heart that is filled with love, compassion and mercy. Clear sight also highlights the traps and obstacles that abundantly litter the pathways of this world. Christ walks with us through it all. God’s word and the Holy Spirit are our guides, and the light of Christ’s glory illuminates the way.