Think over what I say, for the Lord will give you understanding in everything.

2 Timothy 2: 7


Wow! Understand, this is something that I would really like to possess. In saying this I do mean understanding in sum total much more than the commonplace sorts of things that many of us find obscure or difficult to grasp. Paul is discussing something that is far beyond the assembly of toys on Christmas Eve, my children’s math homework, or people who are a generation younger or older than myself. The Apostle is telling us that we can hope to truly understand life and that followers of Christ have the ability and the capacity to dwell in this land of understanding that applies to everything.


It is my impression that when Paul invites us to think over what he says that he is actually inviting us into a regular practice of deeply considering God’s word and the revealing truth that it contains. This practice of discipline does involve the regular reading of scripture, but it goes beyond this. God wants me to think about the words and to let my mind give careful consideration to what the Lord is saying to me through them. He asks me to be still and to listen to what His Spirit is speaking to my heart and to my mind. God also promises to respond as I turn to Him prayerfully seeking His wisdom, truth, and guidance.


It is in all of this that we find the sort of understanding that fills the voids in our ability to live courageously and peacefully in our world. In this place of meditation and prayer Christ guides my heart out of my self-centeredness and into His love and concern for my neighbors. He brings me to a place where I can fully trust in God’s absolute authority and power while living in the insane storm of violence and pain that is swirling like a tornado all over the globe. As I think over God’s word it seems as if His hand is writing a message to me that is personal and directed toward the issues, concerns, and situations that I am facing today. God’s words of truth bring me closer to Him, and this is where all understanding dwells.