Let all the earth fear the Lord;

Let all of the inhabitants of the world stand in awe of him!

Psalm 33: 8


If I were to state the singular answer to all that is wrong in our world today, this verse might be it. Yet, desiring that all of the people of our world would know, reverence and follow Christ seems like far too much to hope and to dream for. As I consider this highly unlikely possibility I feel something like what Don Quixote must have felt as he sang The Impossible Dream (The Quest) in the play Man of La Mancha. You see if I choose to take up the Lord’s challenge and enter into the journey that perusing this dream requires, then this wreck of a life that is mine and this pile of rusty armor lying in a jumble at my feet seems wholly inadequate to the task.


Yet, in some ways that is the point. My gifts, skills, and ability are not what will bring this sort of response to our Lord from the hearts of others. Christ does this. What He does want from us is that we would pick up the tools that He has granted to us and remove the rust, smooth out the dents, and put it to use for the glory of the Kingdom of God. As I prepare for my journey it is important for me to realize that the greatest among all of the things that God has granted to me is love. This is the primary weapon that the Lord would have me use in this quest. When love fuels my passion, it is Christ who speaks. His love seeks to embrace and not destroy.


As we journey forth in love, the heart of Christ surrounds us, and it is out of that context that we can speak God’s truth clearly and without compromise. When we embrace Christ and turn to Him for all of our strength, capacity, and direction, the sort of love that drives the relentless shepherd in His search for the lost one can become our source of energy and focus. This is the nature of the crusade that Christ would have His people join. He calls us to be uncompromisingly true to His word and unrelentingly loving as we proclaim it. So, this is how the world can come to this place of reverence, respect and sheer awe, for as they know Christ, they can choose to accept Him and enter into the peace of His loving grace.