He said to them, “Why are you so afraid? Have you still no faith?”

Mark 4: 40


Jesus asks this of His band of closest followers at a very rough moment (literally so) in their newly established relationship with Him. They are in a small open boat out on a sea that has suddenly become quite rough. The boat was taking on water and would have been hard to control. Most of them would have known other men who had been caught by similar weather conditions and had not come back to land alive. This is a real life situation that becomes another of Jesus’ parables for us.


We all find ourselves in the center of the storm. Everyone jumps into the boat with the intention of enjoying the short journey across the lake with the breeze fresh on the face and the sun setting brilliantly over the far shoreline. On some days it all goes just as the advertising says that it should. However, there are those days. The ones where the breeze turns on you and starts to sting like it is tearing at your skin, that moment when the smooth sway of the boat becomes a fear-filled amusement park ride, that hour when balance is lost and faith is tested.


Fear is normal. It is natural and it is human. Fear can lead us into using our greatest resources and strengths to make order out of chaos. It can also paralyze and confuse us so that we are far more likely to be overwhelmed and overtaken by the peril that we are facing. Christ tells us that in His presence we have no reason to fear. People who truly know God because they are in a relationship with Christ are given the presence of Christ in the person of His Spirit. He is with us, walking in and through every moment of life with us, so that there is nothing that we experience or encounter that is outside of God’s knowledge, provision and response. So, as we have faith that God cares for us, His children, absolutely and that He will take us through whatever it is that we face in the safety of His loving embrace, we can enter the storm with fearless anticipation of the mighty work that Christ is doing in our lives.