For the things that are seen are transient, but the things that are unseen are eternal.

2 Corinthians 4: 18



My eyes spend a lot of their day looking at things that only frustrate and confuse me. My mind sees the images of decay and death that fill this world and it cries out for relief. My heart is crushed by the suffering that surrounds me in its daily travels and almost wants to stop beating in order to find relief. In the end, my greatest hope is that some form of justice and humanity would come between what I am experiencing and the forces that are causing all of this brokenness. My heart cries out for humanity to reign. However, it is exactly that, humanity, which is the cause agent of all that is so hurtful in this world.


What I am missing as I focus on what is occurring in my world is that there is another dimension to it all. It is too easy to seek out the ready target of external appearances so that the experiential aspects of my life are framed by these temporary hardships and pains that are the product of the sin-induced brokenness of this world. What I am missing due to this short-sighted focus is the great, majestic, and wonderful presence of Christ in this world today. Christ did enter into it, and His Spirit is with us now. It is the desire of God that we would live in the continual experience of His reality. God wants us to see the world around us as His beautiful creation and to take on the responsibility, through Christ, of restoring it to His intended glory.


The hope and the beauty of this world are not found in and through humanity as it is in its sin-fractured and earth-bound state; rather, they are found in the promise of renewal and transformation that is made real in Christ. In order to hear God’s voice and to see with His eyes, my heart needs to be still and my eyes must be turned from the images of destruction that envelop me. God’s Word speaks to my mind and my heart. His Spirit opens my eyes to see His hands of healing and strength as they bind up and cure the wounds that sin has inflicted. Christ performs His restorative work in my spirit, and He provides me with a clear image of how my life can be used to bring Him glory and to join Him in the work of making visible that which is eternal.