Thus says the Lord,

”Heaven is my throne,

and earth is my footstool;

what is the house that you would build for me,

and what is the place of my rest?”

Isaiah 66: 1


Here is a really interesting and possibly valuable challenge for today. Ask the question of yourself, “What are the characteristics of my God?” Involved in this inquiry would be topics such as the areas of life that God can touch and influence; the width, breadth and depth of His reach; His capacity; and the places on this earth where He has authority. The easy answers, the ones that come straight our of a child’s Sunday school class would be all of them, everywhere, infinite, and God is supreme over all. Yet, I wonder if this is actually true. Is my first reaction to absolutely everything to believe, trust and say that God has this within His authority, and I submit myself to His perfect will in it all?


This is not easy to do. People are generally not wired this way. God, Himself, made us to be inquisitive and to engage with solving the issues and the challenges that confront us. Yet, He also gave us the gift of resource to use in our journey through this too often harsh and unfriendly landscape. The Lord committed Himself fully to participating with us in our travels and in the travails that come with that road. God joined with us as the tiny feet of the baby named Jesus began their journey along a path that lead to the possibility of salvation for all of humanity to come. Then, as Jesus left us, He granted to His followers the intimate and personal presence of His Spirit to journey with us.


The answer to the Lord’s question as recorded by Isaiah is that the house that God desires and where He dwells is found in the people who know and follow Him. The presence of the Spirit within each of us who know Christ makes the very earth that we touch the holy ground of God’s presence. We are active participants with God in the implementation of His will for this day in the world. We are completely enfolded into the outworking of the Lord’s eternal and absolutely loving plan for our lives and for His kingdom. With God’s presence clearly in view, I think that it is possible to believe, trust, submit, and proclaim God’s total sovereignty and righteous will as the source of all true peace and joy in my life.