The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light;

Those who dwelt in a land of deep darkness, on them has light shined.

Isaiah 9: 2


Have you ever noticed how far light can penetrate through the darkness of night? The source might be miles away; yet, we can still see that spot of brightness in contrast to the blackness that is all around. God is very aware of just how much we people like to head off into our own dark corners. We try hard to turn off all of the lights in our world. We murder and oppress others. We replace the brightness of God’s glory with the false glitter of painted idols. We are fearful of the way that the truth of God’s word will impact our way of living; so, we run from its revealing illumination and we try to hide it under the covering of our own reinterpretations. Darkness continually tries to win the day. Yet, day and night alike belong to the Lord.


We can settle down, dig in, and crawl to the back of the darkest of caves. We can establish residence and we can flee to the farthest reaches of this earth in an attempt to escape the reach of Christ. It is all futile effort. There is simply no place that we can go, and there is no situation that we can enter into that will craft an impermeable barrier between God and ourselves. He made light as a part of the foundational fabric of Creation. It is inseparably woven into this world so that the light of God’s presence was already established when we humans breathed our first breaths of life. God’s light is elemental to our existence, and it can not be quenched or hidden.


Still God took things one very large step further. He came into this world in human form, and it is through this coming that God has made Himself completely accessible and absolutely tangible. Jesus brings the glory of the Kingdom of God into this sin-blackened world, and He reaches into the dark recesses of our hearts to bring love, understanding, acceptance, and reconciliation. The light of God’s grace and mercy are shinning on this world, and they are in our midst because of Christ. The light of the Lord’s righteous truth is with us also. Christ brings judgment for sin, and He provides purification for the disease of unrighteousness. God’s light is present. It does shine on each and every one of us. Still, He allows people the opportunity to respond to it and to accept the peace of His healing or to face the judgment of His truth. Christ is the source of the light that makes day out of the darkest night.