But whoever does what is true comes to the light, so that it may be clearly seen that his works have been carried out in God.

John 3: 21


It is the Christmas season and people are decorating their homes and places of business in festive colors and with bright lights. I truly enjoy the sparkle of creativity that comes out during this time of year. The lights are especially attractive to me. It is as if our homes and city streets are putting on their best jewelry to wear to a very special party. Of course, we know that this is true. We are celebrating something that is far greater than anything else in history. These parties and other expressions of joy and of reverence are engaged in remembrance of a birthday, but I suggest that the birth being celebrated is not just that of Jesus.


The joy that is felt is that of humanity’s birth out of the death of sin’s separation from God and into the life that is found in Christ. Jesus was born, raised into adulthood, lived among us, and died the sacrificial death that restores us to God’s graces. So, as we string the lights on our homes and around our trees, we are expressing our delight and appreciation for that work of restoration that God engaged so purposefully. These strings of lights are a representation of what Christ brings into our world. They shine brightly for a season, but the Lord desires for His people to shine out into the darkness of all times and seasons.


The true things that Jesus was speaking about are those ways of thinking and acting that are a human expression of the gospel. In Christ we can be bold and fearless. We are granted the grace that we need to expose our own sin and depravity to our God with the certain knowledge that He has forgiven us and that He will heal us from their destructive effects. As we dwell in the restorative light of Christmas come we are called upon by Christ to step out into our world in order to bring the light of righteousness, grace, and love into its darkened corners. I think that our Lord is delighted when He sees the streets of our world illuminated by the light of His truth as His people live it out.