“I will put enmity between you and the woman,

and between your offspring and her offspring;

he shall bruise your head,

and you shall bruise his heel.”

Genesis 3: 15


My take on this section of scripture is fairly straightforward. I think that these are the words that God spoke to Satan, at least in the form that God gave them to Moses to record in human language. This is a crucial part of the narrative of an event that happened long ago in our history. At this time God proclaims His victory over Satan, and He includes us, His people, in that same proclamation. He also sets out the fact that the road to this ultimate and final victory over evil on this earth will involve traveling through a battle-scarred landscape. It will be a painful, laborious and troublesome journey.


For reasons that seem mysterious and not well thought out Adam and Eve decided to depart from God’s specific directions and to do what they pleased. The results were and continue to be very hard to endure. We live on the wrong side of town. This is the place that God sent our ancestors to as their form of exile from the perfect world that the Lord had fashioned to be their home. Now we struggle and war with each other, and our environment fights against us as well. The nature of the world where we live leads me to one place for security and to one source for understanding, for God and His Word speak of reality and they point to His answer.


The Lord says that He will defeat Satan and all that is evil in this world, and His word is good enough for me. I trust God with my life and with my eternity. I desire to follow the one true and righteous King, for His direction and path are sure. He provides security in the form that matters to my heart and to my soul. Christ has claimed me out of death and brings me into God’s kingdom of life. I believe in Christ. I trust in His victorious reign over heaven and earth. So, My heart and my mind are at peace in this life regardless of what comes my way.