And I pleaded with the Lord at that time, saying, “O Lord God, you have only begun to show your servant your greatness and your mighty hand. For what god is there in heaven or on earth who can do such works or mighty deeds as yours?

Deuteronomy 3: 23, 24


Moses wants to go on living; there is no doubt about this fact. However, in trying to make his case for why the Lord should change His stated will and allow him more time, Moses speaks great truth. No matter what has transpired during our time on this earth, we have seen only the very tip of the greatness of God. He has designed life today so that Christ continues to reveal Himself and His glorious will to everyone who walks with Him. This revelation is continual. It does not reach a point where there is no more to see. I have not come close to the end of my ability to be amazed by the love, grace, faithfulness, and righteousness of God.


For my own sake I also need to keep the answer to the question, “For what god?” in front of my wandering eyes. I do find that many distractions and diversions get in the way of my continual focus on Christ. All of these things can tend to function as a form of god if I am not committed to Christ on an on-going basis. So, staying clear about where and in whom I will find true relationship and real satisfaction is important. The answer to this question has always come back the same. There is no other god who can do what the Lord does. There is no other god who loves and cares about and for me in the way that Christ does.


As a traveler, even a wanderer, through the harsh landscape of this world I have been touched by God’s hand of comfort and mercy on too many occasions to count. The glory of His presence is found in the lives that He has made new. The might of His hand is found in the world that He created. It is expressed in the way that He holds it together in direct opposition to the destructive forces that sin continually applies to it. In Christ, every day is a time to experience God’s presence in new and remarkable ways. In the presence of Christ I need no other gods and everything in my life is bathed in His glory.