The law of the Lord is perfect, restoring the soul; the testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple.

Psalm 19: 7


The human soul seems to have a longing for a touchstone that is true and trustworthy. We go through life with the uncertainties that it throws our way, and our hearts start to race in the anxious anticipation of the next thing that is going to arise that will trip us up, disrupt our progress, or confuse our plans for living successfully. When these unsettling events come my way, I start to doubt my own sense of direction and my ability to create intelligent plans for myself. It is all very unnerving.


My biggest problem is that, when things are seemingly going well, I tend to get too confident in my own abilities and start to trust in my skills, charm, ability, and intelligence; thus, I don’t take the time to consider what God has to say. However, life experience has shown me that it is His input, direction, and guidance that I need at all times. If this were uniquely my problem, that would be one issue, but I read of people in the Bible who suffered from much the same problem, and stories like these are a part of my daily life, too. We tend to be an independent breed of people, and God actually created us that way. He wants us to operate with the sort of freedom and initiative that comes from a heart that has been released from captivity to sin. The great Creator God enjoys the sort of creativity that we bring to solving the challenges of life.


What I and most people need is a fundamental realization that seeking God’s truth and wisdom, listening intently to His voice, and allowing His Spirit to guide my thinking and my actions is not constraining. Rather, these intimately relational actions on my part bring me closer to God and to a place of understanding of His will. He then guides me into the core of my own creativity, for that is one of the primary markers of my God-likeness. Then my heart and my mind are released from their dark cell of doubt and I am able to grant myself permission to walk boldly through life in obedience to God’s will.