Praise the Lord! I will give thanks to the Lord with my whole heart, in the company of the upright, in the congregation.

Psalm 111: 1


Sometimes it seems that life just goes along its way. The days come and they go with little regard for just how they turned out as well as they did. Breath is drawn, food and drink are consumed, and joy is found in many places; yet, there is little recognition of who designed it all to be so. As I reflect on this it becomes clear that more of life falls into the category that could be called blessed than that which lands in some other place. There is much that is good and worthwhile in my days. There is much that blesses my day that I know comes directly from the love and grace of God.


When I take the time to stop and to speak out my praise for all that the Lord does for me, it is actually helpful to me. There is something very comforting and truly encouraging about taking note of the fact that there is a Creator who has His hand firmly on my life. From the breath that we breathe to the miracle of birth the Lord designed it all. From the covering over our heads to the universe that surrounds us God set it all in place. Even the hard situations, pain, and loss serve to bring glory to His name. There is no relationship or human struggle that God does not want to see healed, and His wisdom, compassion, and love are sufficient to bring about the restoration and healing that is needed.


So, it is good to open my mouth and reveal my heart to my Lord and to those who surround me. When I speak out praises for who God is and for what He does in my world, I am opening my own eyes to His glorious presence. As I speak of His works with the community of faith I see those same works multiplied in all of their lives. Christ has redeemed me from a life where the pain and the futility of death were the best that I could have anticipated. Now I am surrounded by life. Through Christ my eyes are opened to the hand of God at work in every corner of my world. Praise God! Let His praises sing out with every beat of my heart today!