Clap your hands, all you peoples;

Shout to God with a jubilant cry.

For Yahweh, the Most High, is awe-inspiring,

A great King over all the earth.

Psalm 47: 1, 2


On any given day we can read, see video, and hear the words of many kings. Our world is heavily populated with individuals who claim to have superior position and who wield authority over many others. They speak, and others jump to carry out their desires. They command, and people’s lives are changed. There seems to be a degree of command and control that surrounds them that exceeds all other authority. Yet, our world is not well governed, and our lives don’t seem to be made better by much that they seek to do. It is easy to become cynical and to lose hope in a future that is so governed.


It might be possible to look at the hopeful words of this Psalm and think that these are fanciful expressions that were the product of a simpler and better time in history. Yet, the accounts of what life was like in those times just won’t support that thinking. These ancient times were filled with oppression, violence, and greed. Lives were devastated by sin-fueled passions and self-centered decisions that were made by kings and were paid for by multitudes. Still, the voice of God spoke, and He said that there was then and that there would forever be a true great King who does rule with authority and with loving compassion over all of the earth.


As we know Christ, we know and are known by that King. His presence in my world gives me a highly valid reason to open the door of my house and to shout out with exuberant joy for all my neighbors to see and hear. They might think me a bit strange, but that would be a great opportunity to explain my reason for singing out in psalms on my quiet street. In all of the chaos that our world rulers and their unjust systems have created there is still a voice of hope and of reason that can be heard over all of it. God, the Most High, is King over all. His truth supersedes all other rules of law. Christ’s justice reigns supreme. For those who know Him there never needs to be any doubt and God never leaves those who He knows out of the protective covering of His rule and authority.