For in the gospel the righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith; as it is written, “But the righteous man shall live by faith.”

Romans 1: 17


Faith may be all that there is to cling to, and it might be the sum total of all of the resources that are available to face the day. When this is absolutely true, life can seem to be a very long ways beyond scary. Yet in times when tangible power and quantifiable personal strength are not present, faith is all that is left. We have faith that the physical laws of nature are still in operation, we exercise faith that our human relationships are more or less functioning along the same lines as they were yesterday, and we accept as true that our society is following the same rules as it did in the past. Faith takes us beyond control and creates a platform to stand upon in order to function throughout the day.


Still, as important as faith is in these global areas of life, it matters most when it comes to understanding who we are and our place in the world. We were placed into this life with a purpose to fulfill. We are granted the opportunity to have an impact on Creation that is restorative and transformative. God has given the message of absolute truth to His people, and He has also gifted us with the ability to understand the deep implications of that truth for every aspect of our world. People need to embrace this fact and stay true to the pursuit of righteousness for the sake of Christ, and this requires faith. There will be times, situations, and circumstances when our human reason and the voice of the masses will call to us with an utterance that is too loud and too persistent to ignore. Then the only way to continue on the course that Christ has set out is found through trust in His gospel of love and peace.


Each step that is taken in response to Christ’s call moves us deeper into His will. The deeper we go into the will of God the better we know Him. As we know God we also come to know ourselves as we are intended to be. This is the true journey of faith. Stepping out of the mainstream of our world and into the powerful, minority current of righteousness takes a very special form of courage. This is the sort of courage that Christ took to the cross and beyond and that His Spirit gives to us. This is the sort of courage that is formed in our hearts through faith in God.