“And I will strengthen them in the Lord, and in His name they will walk.” declares the Lord.

Zechariah 10: 12


There are days when the first thought that runs through the mind after the feet hit the floor in the morning is along the lines of, “Just where am I going to find enough strength to make it through the next hour?” Whatever sleep there had been the night before was in no way sufficient to recharge the body, and the mind and the spirit are still depleted to a level that is beyond the red zone. Life with it’s never ending demands and with its unyielding pressures can take any of us to this place of seemingly total resource depletion. This happens over time, and it can become reality with the events of an instant.


God, Himself, is always strong, and His strength is of a nature and a depth that goes beyond anything that we experience in this world. It seems safe to say that God’s strength is, in fact, both the source and the definition of all righteous strength in the universe. The Lord is not selfish or stingy with it either. He calls people to Him when we are weak and broken. Christ came into our world and experienced the pain, suffering, and bone crushing weariness that is the life experience of all humanity; yet, He overcame this world. Now His Spirit stays with us through all that we endure. Christ calls to us to turn our eyes toward Him. He gifts us with His strength and with His wisdom in it’s use.


As the Spirit provides the resources that are needed to enter into the demands of the day, He also goes with us step-by-step and moment-by-moment to provide encouragement and comfort in the journey. In Christ we have an almost science fiction like ability to defy the laws of gravity and of entropy. We are no longer weighted down by the inscrutability of the demands and the pressures of life, and we are not bound by the inevitability of sin’s decay and death; for, we are now transformed and renewed into the likeness of Christ that was our original creation birthright. True strength comes from our spirits, and it is found at the source in Christ.