For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Romans 6: 23


People work for many reasons. Also, we do many things in order to improve the return on our work investment. Work in all forms takes up a lot of our time and consumes a significant amount of our available energy. No one escapes this reality, as some people seem to be employed full time in avoiding what looks like gainful employment, and for others simply making it through the day requires an effort that is beyond endurance. There is no avoiding the fact that almost all people do work, and we are all paid for that labor.


Yet there is a more fundamental, an absolutely basic, form of labor that each and every person is born into. It is a form of servitude or even slavery that is inescapable. Its inevitability defies anything that people might do or say. As fallen humanity we are all born in the employment of sin. It is as if our parents and theirs before them had signed us into an ironclad agreement with Satan himself. The only good news here is that he is very reliable. Satan always meets his payroll obligations, and he never lays off his workers. He has no reduction in force plans. He guarantees people a life that is lived outside of knowing true love, justice, grace, mercy, and peace; and he grants to his employees a retirement that is characterized by absolute separation from God and a form of torment and agony that is indescribable.


God, however, does not find this arrangement to be acceptable. He knew from the beginning and He planned before time for our escape from all of this. Unlike our earthly master, Satan, God allows us to choose our course, in fact He desires for us to select Him and so to reject all that comes naturally to us in this life. In this process, God grants us a vacation form the work that we are so accustomed to doing. In the process of gaining life, there is nothing left for us to accomplish. Jesus did it all, and Christ continues to work in us and for us throughout our remaining days. When we choose Christ we enter into a new form of labor agreement, and in it God pays us more handsomely than we can ever imagine. He rewards us with true life now and with an eternity in the glory of His presence.