Now we have been released from the Law, having died to that by which we were bound, so that we serve in newness of the Spirit and not in oldness of the letter.

Romans 7: 6


Freedom is such a precious thing; people will do almost anything and will risk everything to get it. It is also very illusive, for the thing that we feel has given it to us on one day just might be the thing that enslaves us on the next. We are never truly free until we realize that there is one and only one path that leads to a life that is absolutely free of the chains of imprisonment.


Christ alone releases us. Christ alone takes the chains off, and He also works on our battered bodies, minds, and spirits to restore them. He heals the ugly welts and bruises that the shackles have left, and Christ works in us to build up the withered muscles that have grown weak during the long days of confinement. The Word of Truth that is God’s expressed desire for living in complete freedom is brought to life and is implanted in us by Christ’s Spirit. We are made new. We are made whole. We are released from the dungeon of sin’s oppression.


However, the sort of freedom that Christ calls us into brings with it the same sort of price that He willingly paid. As we are freed from a law that demands personal performance, we are led by Christ to put to death our old ways of thinking, relating, and engaging with our world. We are granted the freedom to serve, to love, and to sacrifice all for the sake of the Kingdom of God in order to bring others into the presence of Christ. In Christ we have all of our needs met, we have all of our desires fulfilled, and we are given a purposeful mission to fulfill every day. With Christ sin no longer wins, and His loving righteousness blocks open the doors of its prison. There is no going back, for there is now only moving deeper into Christ.