There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear.

1 John 4: 18


My feet are made of clay, and my heart trembles in the face some of the strangest things. You know, little things, simple things, and routine things like talking with people who I am close to and people that I am closely connected to about the sorts of issues that make up living. Sometimes, I am fearful about talking to God about the issues of my own life and about living it; and sometimes I get overly concerned about opening up the aspirations of my heart and my mind to my spiritual family. Yet, holding back like this by not giving an honest recitation of where I am and what I am feeling is at best not relationally progressive and is at worst damaging to those relationships.


Perfect love comes from one source. The very concept of love and what it is to care about people in this deep and other-oriented manner is provided to us through and by God. The first love relationship was between the Lord and His created man, and the first human love relationship was designed and given life by God’s hands. God loved us into existence, and He loves us into eternity. During every moment that comes in the time between these bookend points in our lives God’s Spirit is with us, and He continually tells us about and demonstrates to us His unwavering love for us.


Here is a truly simple, yet incredibly profound thought for me to consider today, God’s love has never failed me, and He has never rejected me. He always listens and always provides me with empowering feedback; so, why should I ever be reluctant to open my heart and my mind to Him? Likewise, the Spirit of Christ is with me always and in all situations. This is especially true in all of my relationships, for the interaction of people is at the top of God’s priority list right after our relationship with Him. It is God’s desire that our connection to others would be modeled after His with us; therefore, He wants us to love the people in our lives totally, unfailingly, and unrelentingly. This is done as we dwell in the fearlessness of Christ’s perfect love for us.